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Employee Termination in your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
June 19, 2012

Many Non-profit organizational leaders find one of the most difficult parts of managing personnel is having to terminate an employee who may not be meeting the standards set forth by their organization. Here are some tips on how to handle an employee termination situation that help to avoid causing a firestorm. First, always thank the employee for their time of service, making sure you are sincere and gracious. During the conversation try to focus on at least one of the good things the employee did, rather than simply focusing on the negative actions that brought about the termination. Secondly, make certain that your files are clear and consistent about the legal reasons for the termination. Documentation of performance counseling sessions, notes concerning the results of a formal performance review, and other material should be clear about why the employee’s tenure came to an end. Lastly, consider ways to make the employee’s departure as pleasant and stress-free as possible. No one wants to be fired and inability to perform assigned duties or follow your rules does not render an employee ineligible for compassionate treatment. Plus, treating a terminated employee harshly will only reflect badly on you. Make certain you do nothing to cause the employee undue embarrassment about their circumstances, and refrain from any steps that are likely to cause unnecessary anger.

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