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Environment of your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
March 20, 2013

For any organization to thrive and ensure that its goals are achieved, it is critical that the environment be set in such a way that is safe and accommodating. Setting a nonprofit is no different. Employees and volunteers must be exposed to conditions that are none hazardous .Achieving this state requires proper safety policy formulation and implementation.

It is important that all workers in a nonprofit understand the safety regulations and take it upon themselves to adhere to. They are to work together in preventing injuries and sickness, in a way protecting the organizations most valuable assets; its people. As they say, prevention is better than cure. When creating nonprofit, measures of protecting employees and volunteers will save the costs of medical expenses later on. Also when workers remain healthy, time is saved by focusing on important goal achievement rather than trying to fit in temporary assistance due to sick leaves taken by the more skilled employee.

Therefore the need to ensure that the environment is conducive and safe for working is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. These can be achieved in various ways. First all hazards that can cause injury and illnesses should be eliminated. Non profits should look at the relationship between employees, tools and roles. The interrelationship of these three aspects will help determine risks that can become hazards in the environment and thus foster elimination or reduction. Certain tasks can only be performed by a particular group and thus should not be subjected to those whom it may hurt.

When creating a nonprofit, it is also important to emphasize the practices of safety observations. Make it known to the employees that it should be a collective responsibility to ensure that everyone remains protected. It will work better if the management rewards those people who observe safety practices and eliminate hazards .Install initiatives that train workers of safe ways to carry out their tasks without hurting themselves.

It is important to factor in the mental health of the volunteers and employees. This is if you are to maintain concentration at the work place and avoid accidents caused by absent mindedness or fatigue. At manageable intervals, compensation should be paid to the workers and allow them to take vacations and rest periods. This is especially important if the nonprofit organization is involved in tasks that are exhausting and draining to the mind.

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