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Facebook: Can it Increase Donations

By Alexa Connelly
November 25, 2012

There are several ways that Facebook is going to help you to increase  incoming donations for your Nonprofit.  The first way is to make sure that you have a Facebook page made just for your organization.  This cause can include helping someone to pay some of the medical bills that they might have because of an illness and raising money for a charitable organization that is dear to your heart.  The Facebook page is going to allow you to tell the story of the person that you are wanting to help or the story behind the reason that you want to help out the charitable organization.

The second way is that you can add an application on the Facebook page that is going to allow people to make donations to your organization.  This makes it as easy as possible for someone to donation to your cause.  Once this application has been added to the Facebook page, then it is going to show up on the page’s wall.  It is important to make a budget for this application since you might have to pay a fee.

The third way is to find all of the applications that Facebook has that are going to help you in fund raising. This means that the people need to be able to donate even if they are on their cellphone.  This is going to allow you the compatibility to reach the goal that you have set as far as donations go.  You need to make sure that all of these applications are free so that you do not spend a lot of money when you are trying to make money for a cause that you truly believe in.

The fourth way is to make sure that you promote your cause’s Facebook page through your own personal Facebook page.  You are going to need to find the people that you are already friends with on Facebook that might be interested in donating to your cause.  Then you are tell your friends to recommend to your page to other people.  We all know that word of mouth is one of the best ways that other people are going to hear about your page.  This is especially going to work for the people that are close to the same cause as you.

The fifth way is to do everything that you can to bring a targeted audience to the Facebook page.  The best way to do this is to participate in forums and look for newsletters where there might be a lot of people who are going to be interested in donating to your cause.  There are also some other social media websites that you can use in order to get more people to donate to your cause.  This means that you are going to need to explain why you are wanting to cause money for this particular cause.

The sixth way is to make sure that you are actively monitoring your Facebook page for any activity. Facebook has a tool that you can use that is going to allow you to see the average amount of money that people are donating to your cause.  You can also see what these people are doing while they are on the cause’s Facebook page and how long that person is staying on the page once they have arrived on the page.

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