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Features of Nonprofit Websites

By Alexa Connelly
June 03, 2013

Like any good business, a nonprofit website should have the basic pages: Home, About Us, Contact Us, and Product or Service. When someone is searching for services, this will be your chance to make that “first impression” so you don’t want to blow it. Let’s look at what you should have on each of the pages of your nonprofit website.


Home Page

The Home Page should be about the organization and what you are about.  This is your chance to make your organization shine. You want to keep each page at a minimum (about 40K) so that it will not take forever to load.  So give a good amount of thought to the layout and graphics that will be used. Above all you want it to be professional.


About Us

The About Us page should be just that.  Here you can share the personnel of the organization, the mission and vision of the organization, or even how the organization came about. Here you can share any commendations or awards your organization earned from their involvement in the community.


Contact Us

The Contact Us page should give the most convenient and easiest way to make contact with your organization.  Your physical address, your telephone number, your fax number, or email address are some of the ways to make contact.  Emphasize the best way for your organization to handle such correspondence so that it is very clear to the viewer.


Product and/or Service

This section will depend on the nonprofit website’s individual function.  Some nonprofit websites can offer both, such as memberships or pamphlets or details of their services they provide, which will need to be spelled out clearly.


 Other issues to be of concern

When you are designing your nonprofit website keep these things in mind. You will want the site easy to navigate and to encourage browsing, so you may want to include a feature such as a Search function.  Be sure that every page of your nonprofit website has your name on it, this way the viewer will know where they are, just in case they stumbled upon your nonprofit website accidentally. And lastly, make sure that someone is assigned to monitor the nonprofit website, to read respond to emails communications daily. So often this is forgotten not only for nonprofit websites, but by many for profit websites as well.


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