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Financial Risk Management for Nonprofits

By Alexa Connelly
December 10, 2012

When you manage or work for a nonprofit organization you are open to financial risks that are not protected by regular insurance. Often nonprofit organizations have volunteer staff that perform different tasks on site. These volunteers are not covered by insurance and may get injured when working at your office or in the building. They may fall and break an arm or leg or have another accident that could lead to a lawsuit or being sued. Many insurance agencies have accident and health insurance for volunteers that covers some of these unique situations. This type of insurance offers payment for medical expenses if someone is injured working for your nonprofit organizations. With so many organizations run by a volunteer staff why risk losing money check into accident and health insurance for volunteers.

Many nonprofit organizations have a fleet of cars or vans used for social service programs. These programs serve the community for delivering meals to helping those in fires. Often some of the programs are supported by volunteers and employees that drive the cars or vans to provide the services for your clients. Getting a good auto insurance policy on these cars helps protect your employees and your organizations if there is an auto accident. You never know when an auto accident will happen so it is important to protect your staff and organizations if you drive cars or vans as part of your social service programs.

Nonprofit organizations are run by a volunteer Board of Directors who often make decisions on fund raising and policy. Most often they provide direction and leadership for your organization. Sometimes Board of Director members might come under fire or be sued naming them and your organization in a lawsuit. To protect yourself in this situation there is director and officer liability insurance that covers this situation should it ever occur in your nonprofit organizations.

Does your nonprofit organization host special events to raise money for a good cause? Often when you host an event you have many volunteers and community members attending. If someone gets injured or property gets damaged during the event having insurance to cover it is helpful.  Insurance for special events protects your organization and others if someone is injured or property is damaged.

These are just a few areas to consider insurance to manage financial risk for nonprofit organizations.
Call an insurance agency today to learn more about covering your financial risks.

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