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Firework Safety for Your Nonprofit Event

By Alexa Connelly
April 15, 2013


Warm weather is on its way and many nonprofit organizations may be planning future firework displays. Before going ahead and organizing a firework display it is worth giving Fire safety a thought. If firework displays aren’t handled properly there is considerable risk of serious injury to the audience in the way of burns and eye injuries. Potentially, firework displays are a dangerous place to be, but if Good Fire safety measures are in force the event can pass safely with everyone including the organizers having a good time

Form a committee even if it is fairly informal and appoint a person in charge of Fire safety. Everyone else involved should have their specific job during the event. Inform the emergency services of the proposed firework event and listen to any advice they give. Also inform the local authority as there may be specific regulations you will have to conform to before the event can take place. Ensure your pubic liability insurance covers the organization for firework displays and ask the insurers have specific guidelines for firework displays and Fire safety.

Before the firework display is finalized, examine the intended site, to ensure it will not cause inconvenience to neighbors and isn’t too close to freeways or airports. Smoke flowing over fast roads or runways can cause serious harm and your organization may be held responsible in the civil and criminal courts.

Firework safety is paramount and the fire should be built with 20 to 25 feet of no go zone. A barrier should also be erected around the site where the fireworks are launched. Buckets of water and fire extinguishers should be available and organizers should be familiar with how they work.

All fireworks should be supervised by the organizers even fireworks like sparklers should be supervised as they obtain a temperature so great it could potentially burn the face, hair and clothing.

Ensure you have first aiders to hand. If your organization has no trained first aiders try and involve an organization that does. Such organizations are happy to attend firework advents but may make a nominal charge. On the plus side they may come with a stand by ambulance, just in case of an emergency.

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