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Free Nonprofit Resources: Keep them Alive and Functioning

By Alexa Connelly
August 14, 2013

Free nonprofit resources keep them alive and functioning. Donated Advertising materials provide free advertising for nonprofits in the form of pamphlets, brochures and other handouts. Whenever your-non- profit has a product, event or just a message you are promoting, find some free advertising.  Acquiring e no-cost advertising takes persistence. Fortunately, free advertising opportunities do exist for nonprofits who can achieve networking.


1.       Add a slogan or message about your nonprofit organization and especially upcoming events to every email you send, right after your signature.  Include a request that your email recipients forward your organization or event information to others.

Portable Sign

2.       Ask a  business person  who owns a portable sign to donate your group use of the sign  so you can advertise your nonprofit organization for a specified number of weeks. Position the sign prominently.

Media Kit

3.      Involve the media.  Organize a media kit for your local newspaper with material already on hand. Include a new and timely press release, information, pictures and biographies of important people in your organization and history.  Distribute brochures and newsletters in this same kit. Submit the kit to newspapers in your area so they are encouraged to write a story about your nonprofit organization and publish it for free.

Newspaper, Television or Radio

4.      Contact local colleges, universities and local high schools with inquiries directed to advertising, media or marketing instructors  to obtain free student-created advertisements for your nonprofit. Approach  broadcasting stations and provide such advertisements to the newspaper, local television station or radio as  filler.


5.       Create a free website. There are browsers such as Google which offer nonprofit organizations online service of free web building tools, hosting, and opening social networking accounts. You can also advertise in the “Community” or “Groups” section of free online classified sites. If the site doesn’t allow users to post links, then include the name of your website.  Otherwise, post your nonprofit’s web site link prominently.

Online Community Calendars

6,  Contact local Chamber of Commerce to request inclusion of your nonprofit organization’s advertisement on their community calendar as one of your free nonprofit resources.  Many Chamber of Commerce organizations have websites, and want to fill them with items of interest.

Remember in your free nonprofit advertising search to also connect with insurance for nonprofits and determine where most claims arise, how to avoid them, and obtain best protection for lowest cost.

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