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Fundraising Ethics

By Alexa Connelly
March 05, 2012

Ethics is a broad term that too often is considered taboo.  The definition of ethics is unique to each individual. It is important for Nonprofit Organizations to establish an ethics policy for their volunteers, staff, and overall culture to work by.

 How do ethics decipher in fundraising?

The fundraising ethics should address the rights of the donor, the public’s right to know, the actuality of contact-of-interest, and how those issues affect the people served by the organization. You will have to decide if organizations crash or mesh with what you are raising money for.

Ethics of fundraising may vary per organization in the ways of how much money goes to the organization, how much is spent on the event, and what the event is, but there are some ethics of fundraising that all organizations should have in common. A few of these are, that it is for a good cause, your partnering fundraising plan goes along with what you are raising money for, and that you are helping in some way. Is your fundraiser legal and meet the mission of your Nonprofit Organization?

What are some items your nonprofit organization has included in your ethics policy?

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