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Fundraising, There is a Smarter Way

By Alexa Connelly
July 18, 2011

An easy, creative heating oil fundraiser! You earn on every supporter’s purchase this year, next year and beyond. A smarter and easier way to raise money.  You keep saying that times are tough and so when we heard about this program from SmartClickEnergy.com we knew you’d want to hear about it.

If you are in a section of the United States (NE primarily) that has high usage of home heating oil, this is the program for you. You advertise it (e-letter, Facebook, flyers using tools SmartClick provides) and for each homeowner or business you get to sign up you will get $40-50 based on their oil purchases this year. Plus, the oil is competitively priced so your supporters win also.

For more information, e-mail Brian at [email protected] and he’ll introduce you to the Smart Click team.

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