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Fundraising & Your Community

By Alexa Connelly
May 14, 2012

Okay, so you’ve tried the other fundraising ideas and have gotten some money from it, but you really want your community to be involved with what you do. That’s where fundraising events come in handy. Fundraising events are endless, just think of your community and what might draw them to your fundraiser. Here are some event ideas:

  1. Host an auction. You could include dinner and charge for tickets to the event and then the items that are auctioned off will also add more money to your organization.
  2. Zumba party. Zumba is a popular fitness exercise now and organizations all over the world are using it as a fundraising event. Zumba instructors will usually donate their time and all you need to get is a dance floor.
  3. Casual dress day. If you are an organization that has employees that have a strict dress code, you can give them a choice to dress casual every Friday for $5. You can even spread this through your local community asking them to participate in the Casual Friday fundraiser.
  4. Holiday themes. People love taking their families to holiday themed events and if it raises money for an organization, even better!
  5. Percentage of restaurant proceeds. Talk to your local restaurants and see if on one day or a couple days if they could give 15% of their earnings to your organization. For a list of restaurants that offer this type of fundraiser, visit our Nonprofit Fundraiser Center.

There are so many ways to get your organization donations without spending much money if any at all. Just think of your community and what they would like to spend their time at.

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