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General Safety Guidelines for your Non-profit Organization

By Alexa Connelly
April 10, 2012

How many times have you bent over to pick something up and hurt your back? It might have happened while picking up a simple object like a pen or a large box full of supplies. This may get you out of work for a few days, but the pain and later disability isn’t worth it. There are a few tricks to keep your back safe. First, avoid bending and lifting objects from the floor. The best location for lifting heavy objects is to have it lined up with your hips, however light weight supplies can be placed on lower shelves because this won’t put as much pressure on the back. If you have the option to use cranes, lifts, carts, and pulleys please do so! If you have to lift an object, remember to be conscious of your back and provide it with support. When lifting, keep your feet shoulder width apart and squat down as close to the object as possible. Next, securely grip the box with your palms, tuck your chin, and lift using the muscles in your abdomen, buttock, and legs. When you are carrying the object, DO NOT TWIST, walk in the direction that your feet point.

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