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Get Your Company on Pinterest

By Alexa Connelly
July 19, 2012

Pinterest is one of the new favorite websites to ‘pin’ images, recipes, crafts, etc. on the internet and share them with your friends. This sounds like all fun and games, but pinterest can actually be used to market your Nonprofit Organization. Using pinterest to pin images, goals, and sayings about upcoming fundraisers and events allows your followers to see the new things your nonprofit has to offer and you can link the content back to your web page. How can you use pinterest to promote your nonprofit website and content? Three steps:

  1. Pin the images in your new releases. This means that you should embed your nonprofit image (logo, product, etc.) to the news feed and ‘pin it’.
  2. Optimize your images. This means that you should add SEO words as your title and description of the image.
  3. Be yourself. Well, this is pretty easy to understand, personality sells and people want you to be your authentic self.

Once you figure out how to do that, retweet on twitter and like on facebook, this will help get people to see you ‘pins’ and learn about the great things you are doing for your Nonprofit.

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