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Grant Requests Denied

By Alexa Connelly
September 12, 2012

Why was my Nonprofit Grant Denied?

You have a great idea that are going to help the community, animals, children, etc. that are close to your heart, and you can’t wait to get your nonprofit up and running. The first step you take is applying for a grant to fund the launch of your Nonprofit  All of your plans have to change if you get disapproved for your grant and that can be very discouraging, but knowing why you were denied and how to avoid these mistakes may be beneficial to you and your nonprofit. Listed below are the common reasons why nonprofits get disapproved for a grant:

  • Are you asking for too much money in grants? Be realistic in what you’re asking for, because grant foundations are aware if you need the money or if you are just being greedy.
  • Does the foundation your are applying for receive too many applications? They rank these applications according to the reviewers’ scores.
  • Did you submit your application to the wrong grant foundation? Read the grant guidelines carefully before submitting an application.
  • Is your program extremely limited to the amount of people, animals, children, etc. that it can help?
  • If your program a duplication of something that has already been created and received a grant? Make yours stand out above others.

There are so many grant foundations out there that would give your organization a grant, so, if you get disapproved once, do not be discouraged. Now that you know why your grant may not have been approved, you can fix what went wrong and apply for a grant with a different foundation. Don’t give up, nonprofit organizations are a vital part of our everyday communities and the communities you are trying to reach will be grateful for the hard work you put in to launching your nonprofit.

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