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Handy Hiring Tips: Part 2

By Alexa Connelly
July 31, 2012

Once your nonprofit organization has advertised for new volunteers and employees and the resumes and applications start to arrive, it is important to have a plan for the types of requirements you expect during the interview process.  Behavioral testing and background and credit checks are all important to enact when looking to hire a new employee. After these checks, a series of questions should be asked to the candidate in steps. If you like the candidate’s answers to the first set then have them move on. These questions should include work and volunteer history, why they left their previous job, educational background, and degrees and skills. The next level needs to be in person and focusing on behaviors. Ask open ended questions like what they would do in stressful situations at work. During these questions watch for body language, eye contact and how the questions may be rephrased, these can all give insight into the candidate. When reference checking, talk to the candidates past managers as much as you can to get perspectives from different viewpoints in order to get a more complete history of the candidate. Try to avoid personal references.

Train interviewers in behavioral-based interview techniques. Consider have two of your employees or volunteers do an interview with the candidate, one asks questions, and the other records the information. Plan out the interview, if there will be other employees with you on this process, plan out who will as what. Conduct de-briefing sessions with the other interviewers. Remember to treat candidates as though they are potential customers, you never know if they will refer others to you and you always want them to speak highly of your nonprofit organization.

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