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Handy Hiring Tips

By Alexa Connelly
July 26, 2012

You are looking to hire an employee or increase your volunteers in your nonprofit organization but you want to make sure it’s the RIGHT match. You want someone that brings a mix of abilities, skills, and friendliness to your nonprofit. How do you know what you are looking for in a candidate? Well, figure out what the primary functions of the position are and make sure they are clear to you and the possible candidates. Now that you know the functions that need carried out, build your interview questions around that.

Where are you going to advertise the job opening? This all depends on the job. Some jobs are best advertised in a newspaper, CareerBuilder, or Monster, but if you want professional-level candidates, consider trying out LinkedIn. Face to face networking is usually preferred but the world is moving up and sound recruiting requires all access methods to be used and engaged.

This will help you reach a greater number of possible volunteers or candidates for an employment position. Finding the right employees and volunteers the first time helps to save nonprofit organizations time and money in the long run, which in turn allows you to focus more time on helping your community.

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