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Home-Based Business Fundraisers

By Alexa Connelly
November 19, 2012

When you hear the Mary Kay you think about cosmetics, and when you hear The Pampered chef you think of kitchen items, but did you know that they are great fundraisers as well? Here are five home party ideas to raise money:

  1. Mary Kay – Go to this site http://bit.ly/yUO6i1  and fill out the fundraising form
  2. Pampered Chef – Go to this site to get more info http://bit.ly/xs3LPI
  3. Tastefully Simple – Go to this site and contact the consultant http://bit.ly/ADDX0h
  4. Scentsy – Check out this site to learn more http://bit.ly/xEwDPx
  5. Lia Sophia Jewelry – Take a look at this site to get more information http://bit.ly/xrEKfH

There are many more home parties like these that will help you do fundraising such as Wolfgang candy, magazine sales, etc. Companies like helping a good cause, so keep your eyes peeled and ASK!

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