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How Campaigning Can Give More Support to Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
July 27, 2015

Benefits of a Fundraising Campaign:

Provide additional financial resources over a 3-5 year period to advance the vision, goals and mission

Develop stronger relationships

Lay groundwork for future campaigns

Advances mission of your organization

Steps for a Successful Campaign:

Get leadership involved

Clearly articulate mission

Create vision statement

Craft a short clear call to action

Develop clear measurable goals

Choose methods of communication

Write down plans

Identify funding sources

Make it easy and quick for donors to give

Offer option for recurring donations

Update people on progress

Show gratitude

Issue a release about campaign

Be creative

Look for press opportunities

Look for speaking engagement opportunities

Measure success of campaign

Evaluate the campaign

When creating a fundraising campaign you should answer these questions:

Why should someone donate?

What impact does the donation make?

How do you want people to feel about your campaign?

The answers to these questions will be your campaign story. The more a donor can relate on a personal level, the more successful the campaign.

Fundraising Methods:

Direct Solicitation

Direct Mail


Online Marketing

Social Media – to post updates about your campaign, fundraising goals, facts about the cause, photos and videos.

Online tools that allow you to connect with more people, track your efforts and create content, are what you should be looking for when using online fundrasising tools.

Campaign Types:

Pledge Campaign –  asks current and potential constituents to show support by signing and then forwarding information about the campaign to their family and friends to make the same pledge.

Giveaway Campaign –  offer something related to your cause in exchange for supporter’s contact information and offer additional giveaway if they promote cause to family and friends.

Spring-Fall Campaign – tells a story and drives constituents toward a specific goal. It conveys the importance of the goal, the impact it would have, and progress toward meeting it in a three part message.

Year End Campaigns –  the dates are Thanksgiving-December 31st is the most rewarding time of year. It accounts for most of yearly giving. People are in a giving mood and are rushing to get in their tax deductible contributions.

After campaign is over continue to report on the impact of the your supporter’s donations.


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