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How to Arrange a Fundraising Event?

By Alexa Connelly
June 04, 2013

Fundraising is an excellent way to raise money for your favorite charity or organization. The key to success is to enjoy yourself and make the event fun for all. Some people become overwhelmed by the task of planning a fundraising event. But knowing a few of the key essentials to fundraising is the best way to get started and jump right in.


Planning Committee – This can be a team of your friends or co-workers or you might choose people with relevant business and practical skills to be part of the committee. The planning committee can be formed at any timeframe before the event.

Fundraising ideas – one of the jobs of the planning committee is to brainstorm fundraising ideas and discuss the pros and cons before deciding on a direction.

Date and time – Try not to hold your event on a holiday weekend as many people are away for vacation or planning family events. Also, find out if any other events are on the same day you plan to hold yours and determine if it’s still best to have it that day or better to choose a different day. You may want to choose a different day especially if you’ll be pulling in the same type of crowd.

Budget – Draw up a budget and ask committee members to get estimates for the various items you will need to host the fundraising event. Settle on a final budget and stick to it.

Sponsors – Look for suitable sponsors. Approach local business to see if they are interested in being involved in your event. Not only do they sometimes see it as being good for their business, but they may also see it as cheap advertisement. Businesses may be able to help with equipment, advise, cash, and advertising.

Venue – finding a venue not only means a suitable place in order to have the fundraising event but also making sure that you have liability insurance in order to cover the risks associated with the event. You will also want to consider if you want to look into renting a tent in case of rain.

Advertising – Fundraising needs to be advertised effectively. Distribute press releases up to a month before the event. Don’t forget to inform your local radio and television stations. If you’re persuasive, they may want to do a small showcase for your event. Place advertisements in your local newspapers up to a month before the event. Ask permission to place posters in local retail establishments in your neighborhood.

Food – if required! You don’t necessarily need to have food at your event. But you might want to consider the pros and cons.

Event Committee – You’ll need to find volunteers to serve on the event committee.

Before Event: AdvertisingVolunteers can help with asking permission and placing posters in the local businesses in the area.

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