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How To Build Your LinkedIn Network

By Kathi Fuhrman
August 19, 2015

Building up your LinkedIn network is the best social media strategy for gaining professional contacts. By creating a compelling profile, actively promoting your LinkedIn account and updating your LinkedIn account daily, you will quickly grow an effective network.

Mind Your Profile

Take the time to create high-quality images and have your profile information expertly written. If potential contacts have not heard of your organization, your profile needs to persuade them that it is beneficial to accept your invitation. Ask clients and groups that you work with to give you recommendations which highlight the excellent qualities of your organization. This will contribute to the positive impression you wish to establish.

Promote Actively

In order to build up your connections, you need to send invitations rather than simply waiting for others to contact you. Here are ways to ensure that your potential contacts are beneficial and likely to accept invitations.

  • Consider a monthly subscription so that you can upgrade your LinkedIn activity. This allows you access to InMail which lets you send invitations to people you do not know.
  • Join like-minded groups such as other non-profit organizations and contribute to discussions. Find others in the group who would add value to your professional network. Go to their profile pages and send invitations.
  • Add existing contacts that you already have on your email, phone or Twitter lists.
  • Check regularly to see who has been looking at your profile. If they could add value to your network, send an invitation.
  • Make sure that all invitations are personalized.

Update Daily

Use your LinkedIn account on a daily basis. Update information, let your connections know about any new projects and add items of interest such as videos. The advantages of social media are efficiency and immediacy. You need to keep current contacts interested and capture the attention of potential future contacts.

Worthwhile Investment

The time and money spent on your LinkedIn account is a worthwhile investment, even for a nonprofit. It currently eclipses all other social media avenues as a means for promotion and disseminating information in the business world.

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