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How To Create a Nonprofit Business Plan

By Alexa Connelly
June 19, 2015

Creating a non profit business plan is really essential for the growth and success of your nonprofit organization. Remember, you’ll also need a business plan to attract sponsors, donors and volunteers. With a well-crafted business plan, you’ll have an easier time looking for resources to keep your nonprofit at bay.

Contents of a nonprofit business plan

Before creating a non profit business plan, you need to know what you should cover. Here are some of the contents of a nonprofit business plan:

  • The executive summary
  • Mission
  • Background and structure
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Product/ services section
  • Sales and marketing
  • Operations
  • Financial status section

Executive summary

This part introduces your readers to the organization, and hence, it’s the most crucial part. It’s very summarized, as its content are further elaborated in other parts of the business plan. Here’s what you need to include:

  • A brief description of your organization
  • A description of your market
  • The values of your organization


State the mission and vision statement of your organization here.

Background and structure

Here, you can discuss how the business was founded, and the milestone events up to its current position. Also, define the organizational structure, including the whole of governance system such as boards and committees.

Competitive analysis

In this section, your competitors are the subject of discussion. Describe your competitors, their products, and your competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is that value that makes you outstanding despite their strategies in the industry.

Market analysis

Before preparing this section, ensure you have full market knowledge of your company. Know their characteristics, purchasing power and patterns. You also need to describe your target market, and where you see organization in the next few years, in terms of market share.

Product/ services section

This section summarizes why you are in the industry. You have to describe certain aspects of your product or service including positioning, contents, and how they work.

Sales and marketing

Here, explain how you will reach your target market, probably through advertising, trade promotions and how public relations. Let the interested parties know your marketing strategies through this section.

Financial status section

In this section you must address every financial bit of your non profit organization since it started. This includes, but not limited to, capital requirements, balance sheet, start-up costs and subsidy amounts.

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