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How To Do A Direct Mailing In Your Area

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
March 03, 2015

If you are starting, a new business or trying to draw in business direct mailing can help. Direct mailing encompasses a wide variety of promotional techniques that help place marketing materials out into the community such as brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters. When these marketing materials reach new people, business occurs to help your company grow and become profitable. However, in order to have success with direct mailing you have to know how to do it properly in your local area before you can reach out to other communities beyond yours. The steps below will help get give you a head start.

Step One: Place Your Name onto Mailing Lists

Unlike forms of online advertising, direct mailing helps you communicate one-on-one with a targeted audience, which means you are able to choose who you desire your marketing materials to go too. This also means it is important to address the age group you are trying to reach so your marketing material makes it out to them so the proper kind of client or customer base is achieved. Once you have chosen out your target audience it is time to create an effective direct-mailing campaign. You do this by placing your name on direct mailing lists at your local post office or other local business within your community that are dedicated to helping local businesses grow.

Step Two: Create Effective Marketing Materials

The most effective way to attract new customers and clients is by mailing out marketing materials that are in bright colors using specific key wording that describes what products, services or goods you are trying to offer. Placing clear images on flyers, brochures, postcards and newsletters can help catch the eyes of your audience and draw them in. It is also wise to make sure any content within your materials is engaging and eye catching. After, it is important to place your marketing materials in business envelopes that look appealing to open, otherwise people who receive them will consider the material as junk mail and just toss it out.

Step Three: Always Touch Base with New Clients

For the clients or customers your marketing materials help reach, it’s important to show them good business and keep them happy by reaching out to them and touching base often. This shows you care and appreciate the new business you are receiving from them and helps draw in more business.


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