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How To Engage and Find Your Target Customers on Social Media

By Alexa Connelly
July 01, 2015

Do you know how your target audience spends time on the social networking sites?

Social media network is a great place to expose your services. Even mainstream companies are investing in large scale social media advertisement – because word gets viral fast and it is a very engaging medium whereby you can connect with your customers on a one to one basis.

For this purpose, marketing experts have researched on how the consumers behave on social media platforms.

Below are few tips based on research to help you connect with and engage with your consumers better:

  • Know what other activities your customers might be interested in: Finding relevant niche on social media platforms is very essential. Chances are that, if consumers find your competitor’s service interesting, they will gravitate towards yours as well.
  • Strike a chord with your customers: Get to know the mindset of your audience and what they strongly resonate with, and then post great content around it.The social media is a very fast platform. You have to be able to grab their attention so that they notice your post before scrolling down. The main two sites which people check frequently are Facebook and YouTube. This means, creating both readable and watchable content is necessary.
  • Remember the role of mobile: Marketing experts have found that as much as 8% of the traffic comes from mobile phone users and the numbers are only going to increase over the years.However, the time spent browsing via cell phones is really low. So if you are targeting the cell phone users, you have to create content that is quick, catchy and not very long.Facebook alone found 423 million unique visitors on their site via cell phone devices in December 2011 – so you can gauge the importance of having content tailored to suit them.
  • Focus on Facebook: Facebook is the best medium to contact your customers. Among all the other platforms, Facebook alone captures 14.8% of the time of internet users. Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days so you will definitely find a group of people who are interested in your services.So provide special attention to Facebook users.
  • Videos grab attention: When it comes to marketing, videos can do wonders. Advertisements were previously aired on televisions, now they are being aired on YouTube channels. Creating your own channel on YouTube is a great way of connecting with your target audience.

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