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How To Find Free Nonprofit Resources

By Kathi Fuhrman
October 08, 2014

Non-profits aim to be the change they wish to see in the world, but that can be hard to do without the proper resources. Thankfully,free nonprofit resources can be found online quickly and easily;there are many corporations, governmental agencies, individuals, and groups who are willing to lend a helping hand. Take a look at the short list below to help you get started:

General Resources


This is an interactive site that is used by both individuals and companies to exchange ideas and resources, locate opportunities, and find others to support their causes.

Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management

They provide tools e.g. a variety of consulting services (business planning, collaboration, etc.) and workshops for nonprofits to help manage and run their missions.


This site can be utilized by nonprofits, for free, in order to create and manage events, recruit volunteers, promote programs and more.

Vertical Response

This is an email service provider that allows qualifying nonprofit organizations up to 10,000 free emails a month.



The Foundation Center

This website offers a number of resources and tools in order to help you find funding for your nonprofit.

The Giving Library

Simply fill out an application to get started on this site where potential funders can discover your nonprofit organization.

Bright Funds

This site takes a mutual fund approach to fundraising for nonprofits; they are the broker and donations are investments.

Amazon Smile

Because it is operated by Amazon, this site allows customers to shop for the same variety of products with one little difference; when customers shop on this site, 0.5% of cost of eligible purchases will go to a charitable organization.

Check-in for Good

This is a free crowd-funding app that helps turn everyday things into donations for nonprofit causes.This app is excellent for mobilizing supporters, increasing awareness, raising fund, and building partnerships.




This is a not-for-profit organization that helps nonprofits find the right software for their needs.


It is an online community created exclusively for technology users in the nonprofit sector.

Google Ad Grants

It is the nonprofit version of AdWords and grants organizations likes yours free AdWords advertising on Google search.


It is relatively easy to find free nonprofit resources; if you know where to look. It is important to remember that because you are trying to make a difference, there are many people who are willing to support your dreams.

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