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How To Get More Facebook Likes

By Alexa Connelly
June 03, 2015

How to get more Face book likes?

 Social media is the new internet sensation and one that is increasingly gaining popularity across the globe for conveying all kinds of messages. One of the most common social sites is Mark Zuckerberg’s Face book. Every day, internet surfers are joining the Face book wagon but the same question keeps popping up for new users, how does one get more likes on their page?

The following are some of the ways of getting the attention of Face book users:

Optimize Your Content

Apart from making the content that you post on Face book helpful and relevant to users, you need to make it searchable. All content on internet sites is normally indexed by the search engines. This is why when you key in a word on the search engines, the result page will provide a list of sites that provide content that is relevant to what you are looking for. Therefore, you should optimize your face book pages using key words that are associated with your business or the key ideas that you want to convey.

Use like Boxes on Your Website

When you seek out to increase your face book likes, you have to use everything you have and this includes your website. The number of likes illustrated in your face book page act as a way of luring potential fans into reading and liking posts that have a huge number of likes. This same concept works when you incorporate like buttons on your website.

Invite Your Contacts

The easiest way to increase your likes is by asking your contacts to like your page. Contacts on your email list, phone book and those on face book who are your close relatives, friends, colleagues or employees are an easy target.

Promote Your Page on Other Social Sites

Social networks such as twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube also have a huge following and can earn you the much needed likes. Promote your face book page on these social sites by posting a link that leads to your page and posting enticing messages to get people to visit the page.

Post Valuable Content

When you post valuable information, people are likely to like your page and share your content with other fans on Face book. Therefore, make sure your content is not promotional or key word stuffing kind of content, but content that enlightens readers.

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