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How to Keep Nonprofit Volunteers

By Alexa Connelly
October 06, 2013

Nonprofit organizations provide valuable services to the community. From food drives to outreach programs, these philanthropic associations help people from all walks of life. While it’s great to direct or manage a charitable foundation, it can be a challenging and tedious task. This is especially true when it comes to finding dedicated volunteers. In this down economy, not many people are willing to work for free. In fact, many volunteers have left their respective charities due to time constraints and other matters. In order to get a good volunteer to stay, there are several options directors can implement across the board.

According to experts, non-profit directors have to be both fair and firm in their approach. This means applying the rules of the nonprofit in a professional and friendly manner. This can include zero texting policies while at work, along with other common rules and regulations. While mission statements and best practices are important, directors also need to understand volunteer concerns as well. Remember, a good volunteer is one who strongly believes in the goals and aspirations of the charity. This means he or she is committed to meeting all goals and aspirations. In order to keep faithful and committed volunteers, daily and weekly meetings are simply a must. This is the perfect way to discuss any issues, while giving volunteers the incentive and motivation they need to carry out their respective duties.

You can also employ any volunteer for special tasks and jobs. This gives volunteers a sense of purpose within the organization. You can also match these jobs according to the skills your volunteers possess. For example: volunteers with good drawing skills can be assigned jobs to create banners, charts, and even logos for organizational correspondence. Similarly, volunteers with perfect driving records can be assigned mobile tasks and jobs. While this may seem selective, it is a great way to help your volunteers showcase their best skills and assets. With happy volunteers, you can count on productivity and performance at its best.

Even with a dedicated and committed volunteer staff, safety should always be the highest priority. This means your non-profit organization must be insured. Remember, even charitable organizations are not exempt from legal issues and even lawsuits. With nonprofit insurance, you are guaranteed optimal protection for all your volunteers and donors.

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