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How To Reach Out To Young Volunteers

By Alexa Connelly
July 15, 2015

When you own a non-profit organization you know that young volunteers are extremely important. Not only can they use your organization to build a resume, but they provide quality work that you may not be able to afford to hire a full time employee for. However, connecting and attracting young volunteers isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips and tricks to connecting with volunteers and getting the help you need from the younger generations.

Use Technology

Social media rules the world today, and to attract younger people to your organization for help, you will have to become an expert at using social media. After all, sites like Facebook and Twitter are the ways that the younger generations learn about new opportunities and share experiences. If you want them to know you exist, take to social media and make yourself known to those in the area.

State Your Requirements

Those who are young are often not yet that far into life and do not completely understand what you may expect as a working organization. Make sure you are open and honest with volunteers about what you expect from them so that they feel not only trusted but respected even though they are young.

Hold Information Sessions

Go into schools or clubs and hold information sessions about your organization. Teach the youth what your organization is all about and try to show them what is enjoyable about your nonprofit. Explain to them your goals and why you need them. You really want to make younger volunteers feel needed as they will often feel as if their opinions or help is not needed because they are younger, but that is completely untrue and you need to explain that to them.

Have An Open Mind

The younger generations are all open open-mindedness and acceptance. If your organization does not seem to accept new ideas or opinions younger people are not going to want to engage with you. Why? They feel as if they do not matter, that their opinions are not valid. Young blood means new, more trendy and unique ideas. Decide to have an open mind and volunteers will see it and come to you because they will feel their new opinions and ideas are valued.

The youth is extremely important to non-profit organizations and reaching out to them really isn’t that difficult. Just remember to have an open mind and welcoming.

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