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How to Run a Successful Volunteer Meeting

By Alexa Connelly
July 30, 2013

It’s easy to lose knowledgeable, talented and caring volunteers from an organization, but it takes a hard time maintaining your set of officers and members. You need dedication and convincing agenda to impress the participants in a meeting, and encourage them to do their work efficiently.

How to conduct an interesting volunteer meeting

  • Provide your members with protection from personal liability for any decisions they make through liability insurance. In today’s society, most volunteers will work with dedication if they know that they would not be held liable for consequences of their decisions by providing them with liability insurance.
  • Advise them on how to conduct association meetings if you aim to recruit more individuals in different areas. Leaders should be good speakers who talk with sense whenever they open their mouth.
  • Make the meeting as brief as possible, but all relevant matters should be discussed thoroughly. Come up with firm decisions that will not require the volunteers to attend the next meetings with the same subject to tackle.
  • Keep discussions straight to the point, but allow all opinions to be brought out by the participants.
  • Respect to all speakers should be the rule of the game to create a pleasant atmosphere in every meeting making it successful.

Best practices that draw the interest of a volunteer


Today, most non-profit organizations encourage their members to learn the best practices and implement them in their respective communities. These best practices include active membership in volunteer programs, handling and managing of programs more efficiently, and creating effective strategies geared toward sustainably of growth and development of these programs.

Best practices also include better tracking of program activities, and efficient reporting on the impact of a particular program.


Awarding of top talents in the program is included in the activities that inspire the members of the group. Acknowledging their importance make it more encouraging for the members of the group. This makes them more cohesive and cooperative.

Remember that you can always get the cooperation and efficiency of your volunteers if you provide them with an important tool for their protection. Working on their own initiative, they know the reason why they entered into such an organization even without corresponding payment. However, they also know that they should be protected from any untoward incident that might happen to them in the course of their work. The best thing that they know of is to have insurance.

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