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How To Set Up A Newsletter

By Alexa Connelly
June 22, 2015

Nonprofits have quickly adopted the use of newsletters as a way of marketing themselves. A constant outlet of great ideas and the daily activities is wonderful stunt that every company would love to have. If you’d love your sponsors, donors, volunteers, and any other stakeholder to get updated on the organization’s activities, setting up a proper newsletter is the remedy.

What makes a good newsletter?

Marketing through newsletters yields different results owing to how a newsletter has been prepared. As much as you strive to give updated and true information, you also need to check on other issues such as:

  • The length of your newsletter- the standard size of a newsletter is usually 8 pages. Fewer pages make the newsletter less engaging to its audience, while publishing more than 8 pages every month is costly. All you have to ensure is maintaining consistency of distribution of the newsletters, and at the same time, use considerable costs that won’t drain the company financially.
  • Informative articles- your audience isn’t just interested in the company profile, and how funds have been appropriated. You have a duty to pass knowledge to your readers through publishing well-written and informative articles. Having such articles in your newsletter should actually be your priority.
  • Special features– make your newsletter unique. The “special features”section allows you to have something unique that will create interest in your readers. For example, you might want to include “Great sayings” as a special feature, depending on what the readers would love to read most in this section.
  • Auto responder– when using an auto responder, you’ll be able to send the newsletters in your readers mailbox immediately, and in batch. The auto responder makes it easier for the sender to reach more prospects in a click.
  • Advertising– lastly, you need to know how your newsletters will reach as many prospects covered in your target audience as possible. The most convenient way is through e-mail marketing. Also, make sure you represent the good image of your business. After all, you want your donors to have a positive attitude towards your organization.

The most important aspect when setting up a newsletter is content. With nice content that suits your readers, all other logistics (like distributing and maintaining consistency) will be a drop in the ocean. Make your sponsors, donors and volunteers feel part of you by issuing them with monthly newsletters.

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