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How to Work With Other Nonprofits

By Alexa Connelly
February 18, 2014

Collaboration refers to the process whereby two or more organizations or people work together for the attainment of shared goals. Many people tend to think that nonprofit organization collaboration is an aspect that cannot hold water in the modern day. If your thoughts are inclined towards that direction, you are definitely being misguided. There is a possibility of nonprofit organizations being able to work together for the achievement of a common purpose. In cases where these organizations want to boost awareness and increase the donations they get, a collaborative approach might be the best one.
Many non-profit organizations are known for their characteristic of being active promoters of change. They are generally outspoken, often pushy, observant and very critical. Due to media hype, these same organizations are known for being violent but that is not always the case.  These same organizations are good at developing and researching a range of ideas, experimenting and having volunteers who are actually interested in the betterment of the organization as a whole.
How can non profit collaboration work?
In order for two nonprofit organizations to work together, there ought to be some degree of willingness on the part of each entity. They have to come together and pull their resources for the achievement of a common goal rather than being antagonists. They also have to learn to trust the other party’s goodwill.
Why should non profit organizations collaborate?
In most instances, these organizations collaborate for those projects which are directly linked to their overall mission. When community and voluntary organizations work together in joint projects, they are able to make frontline activities even more effective and efficient.
The issues to consider
Much as a collaborative approach is required when two nonprofit organizations prefer to work together, there are some challenges that might come in the way. Therefore, all parties ought to be aware of these complications. Issues such as management structure, funding of the projects, staffing during the joint project, conflict and communication and public relations have to be taken care of before taking the plunge.
The future of nonprofit collaboration
There is no doubt that the future looks bright for those organizations which choose to collaborate.  Many organizations are now able to separate critical operations from those ones that are formality in nature. Since this is more of an agreement, every party has to ensure that work is effectively managed at all times.

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