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How to Write a Nonprofit Mission Statement

By Alexa Connelly
January 30, 2014


We all know how important it is to write a powerful non profit mission statement and the task can be challenging. A good non profit mission statement should identify your beneficiaries and how your organization can help them. Your statement should also tell your audience what your organization hopes to accomplish with its efforts.

Make a powerful statement

A powerful well written non profit mission statement should convey the driving force behind the organization and demonstrate its commitment to it aims. Better still your non profit mission statement should suggest why your organization is the best for the job.

Be succinct

A mission statement should be succinct but broad-reaching enough to appeal to a large diverse audience. Everyone needs to be able to connect with your mission statement.

Wide viewpoint

Although you need a succinct non profit mission statement don’t be tempted to limit your view point. Take the time to collect the view point of people involved in your organization. Also seek advice from volunteers and especially beneficiaries. Ask patrons how they see your nonprofit, and ask beneficiaries what services help them most.

Cutting down

Once you have all your material narrow down what needs to be included in your non profit mission statement. Tease out a powerful cohesive mission statement demonstrating the core of your goals and actions.


Start your first draft. You don’t need any special skills as a writer to come up with a good powerful mission statement. The secret is to collaborate with colleagues. Use words efficiently and be concise. Don’t expect to much of the first draft.

Watch your Words

A nonprofit’ mission statement needs to be as pithy as human as possible, every single word must be chosen with care. Select descriptive words needs to relate directly to the people, locations and services related to your cause. It doesn’t matter how many drafts you write it is important to get the mix right. Continue refining your statement until it is perfect. You will know when the final document feels right and you’ll be proud of the effort you put into a quality mission statement.


It is always a good idea to compare your mission statement to another nonprofit mission statement.

The task is not as daunting as may think and once you have begun you’ll quickly find the flair and expertise to write a powerful and compelling non profit mission statement.

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