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How to Write a Nonprofit Vision Statement

By Alexa Connelly
February 04, 2014


 The future of your nonprofit can be enhanced by one clear and concise statement—your nonprofit vision statement. Your nonprofit needs direction and organization. You want to provide the best service for the public. Creating a nonprofit vision statement is the beginnings of the map to your success.

Be inspirational– You have a team you need to inspire with your vision statement. Your vision statement should include language that is uplifting. The mood of your statement should be positive. It should pinpoint how your organization will help others to achieve success or how your nonprofit will help to improve the future overall.

Be brief – Your statement should not be too wordy. You want to create a statement that will capture the attention of your team and others that read it. However, if your statement is too long, the importance and direction of your mission may become diluted and misunderstood.

Eliminate jargon – Do not use technical words associated with your nonprofit. The words you use in your vision statement should be able to quickly and easily inspire yourself and  your team to success. Although most people involved with your team understands the jargon, the use of it may not serve to inspire them.

Your nonprofit vision statement should inspire your team to success. Keep the wording short, clear and inspiring in order to create a successful mood for everyone involved.

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