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How to Write a Volunteer Handbook-part one

By Alexa Connelly
October 23, 2012

Volunteer handbooks are the cornerstone to volunteer training, policies, and procedures.  If your Non-profit Organization does not currently have a volunteer handbook, it would be beneficial to create one.

First of all, you want the volunteers to be able to identify with your organization, so they can work towards the overall goals of the Nonprofit. A description of the history and mission should be explained in the beginning of the handbook. General information about the facility such as, the office location, volunteer stations, current programs, and contact information would also be important at the start of the handbook. A list of all board members and their responsibilities should be offered. A description of the volunteer programs along with the desired outcomes would be important for the volunteer to have as an overview of their responsibilities.

The operational policies should be defined including: access to the building, emergency evacuation plans, and safety procedures. An overview of the selection procedure for volunteers, the qualifications, and a disclaimer with the right to resign or terminate volunteers at the nonprofit’s discretion.

To view a sample volunteer handbook, visit our Nonprofit Reasearch Center.

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