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Incident Reporting: Where?

By Alexa Connelly
May 25, 2011

The appropriate channels for communication should be specified by an organization’s policies.  Most often those persons who need to be informed of an incident include:

  • The Individual’s Attending Physician – needs to know what happened to determine the effect of the event on the patient
  • The Immediate Patient Care Supervisor – needs to know what has happened in order to take action to prevent a recurrence.
  • The Risk Manager or Quality Improvement Coordinator—of an organization will use the information from incident reports to institute corrective action and to develop staff education as a long-range benefit.
  • Family/Guardian of Individual —needs to be notified of the incident and the follow-up plan of action.
  • Other Specified Personnel —such as Human Resources, the Medical Director, Pharmacist, or Safety Officers

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