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Incident Reporting: Who & What

By Alexa Connelly
May 23, 2011

Who? – The employee/staff or volunteer person who discovers, witnesses, or to whom the event is reported should be responsible for documenting the incident.

What? – Be objective.  Report only FACTS.  Do not report conclusions, opinions, accusations or admissions of wrong-doing.  Never place blame or point your finger.

The following details are important items that should be included in the report:

  1. Time, date, and location of the incident
  2. What happened and what effect it had on the individual(s) involved.
    Example: “Individual fell on floor, right knee injured.”
  3. Medically relevant facts as well as environmental details relevant to the event
    1. a.      Example: “Carpet is folded over
  4. Statement of the patient or witnesses regarding degree of injury and what happened
    1. a.      Example: “I saw him trip over the carpet”
  5. Injuries as observed by medical personnel
    1. a.      Example: “Right foot is rotated
  6. Information that indicates final outcome

Example: Results of lab work, x-rays, etc.

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