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Increase your Coupon Stash!

By Alexa Connelly
January 04, 2013

You have had time to get your couponing skills mastered. You know when the deals are and where they are and you have your coupons all organized, but now you just need more coupons. Here are some tips to help improve your couponing stash:

  1. Subscribe to the Sunday paper. It costs a very small amount which you get back in savings from the coupon inserts inside.
  2. Keep a look out at your grocery store for “blinkies”. These are the little machines in the aisles that have coupons.
  3. Use printable coupons from coupon website and brand name websites.
  4. Check for “coupon inside” when buying items.
  5. Sign up for samples. Everyone loves free stuff and when companies send free samples they usually send coupons with them.

Now you should be on your way to be the ultimate couponer. All of your resources are out there, but they won’t all be handed to you, so keep your eye out for coupons everywhere.

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