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Increase your Nonprofit’s Donations

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
April 16, 2014

Most nonprofits rely heavily on donations to make up the majority of their income and yours is probably no different. Any expansion of the role or aims of your nonprofit will come with a financial cost – and one of the first ways you should look to meet this cost is by increasing the amount of donations you get.
There are no easy ways to simply create new donors and streams of income out of thin air but there are tried and tested methods that will help you improve your campaigns and reach more people.
Three Way to Increase Donations for Your Nonprofit:

  • Make it Easy – You want to make it as easy as possible for people to give, especially online. Have a button to donate online visible on all the pages of your website and don’t force them to read through loads of text if all they want to do is give. Keep your phone number prominent as well incase they’d rather call you up over the phone. Many nonprofits actually lose donations because they make it too hard to give.
  • Ask for Regular Donations – One of the best ways to increase the amount of finance you’ve got coming in is to start asking people to sign up to give regularly rather than by one-off gifts. $10 a month regular giving is twice as good as a $60 one-off gift as long as they don’t cancel in the first year. It is also easier for people to justify – most people can find $10 a month for a cause they believe in. You won’t get regular donations unless you ask for them and offer people the opportunity to make them though.
  • Thank People – Prompt phone calls thanking donors can significantly increase the chance that those people will donate more next time according to research by Penelope Burk, a specialist in fundraising. These phone calls are most effective if they come from board members and research shows they can increase the amount the thanked donors gave next time by as much as 37%!

These are just a few ways you can increase your income from people donating. As a nonprofit it is important that you engage with your donors and continue to look for ways to make giving not only easy for them, but enjoyable too. Keep looking for more new and easier ways to help people to give to your cause.

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