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Increase your Website Traffic

By Alexa Connelly
February 26, 2013

Non profit websites are a wonderful way to advertise your mission statement, inform the community about any and all activities your hosting, as well as basic information like how to donate or volunteer among other things.  But a website is only as effective as it is visible.  If nobody knows you are out in cyberspace then your site is futile.  So how do you increase visits to your website? Below are a few simple and popular ways of increasing your cyber traffic.

The easiest and most effective way for nonprofit websites to garner more traffic to their site is to make sure they are being listed on search engines.  Make sure your website gets listed on as many major search engines and web directories as possible.  Make sure that you’re using popular key words that are specific to your mission statement to link people from search engines to your site.  The more popular your key words are, the more you’re website will come up on searches.  And the more hits you have, the higher you’ll rank on search engines.  Which means you’ll be easier to find.

Social Media can be a highly effective tool for getting people to your sight if used properly.  It also gives your nonprofit more exposure on the web.  If your not on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest get on these websites ASAP!  But it doesn’t just stop there.  You need to post interesting things, comments, tweets etc.  On average you should probably be tweeting about three times a day.  The beauty of the social media realm is that it has expanded into so many mediums.  You can lure people with the power of the spoken word on sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Pin Pictures on Pinterest.  Even post pictures you take on Integra or videos you take on apps like viddy.  All of these allow you to have followers.  So make sure you get all of them!  If you are stronger in one form of the medium then the other, make that the one you post to more frequently but develop your communication skills on each site.  It is important to be out there as often as possible.  And make sure you have your websites URL posted on each forum, create direct links to your site every time you do a status update.

Your website URL should be everywhere.  Alright we’ve already covered the importance of having your website URL posted on your social media.  But it shouldn’t stop there.  Every time you send out an email, the website address should always be included in the electronic signature.  Preferably, as close to your name as possible, so that people see it.  Anytime you go on line that requires you to create an account of some kind; message boards, various user profiles stick your URL in there.  This doesn’t just apply to cyberspace; this applies to the real world as well.  Get some bumper stickers made up (and put one on your car!!!! Make posters and put them up in your community.  Put it on little things that people use on a daily basis; magnets, key chains, bottle openers and matches just to name a few.  And everyone in your company should have the website’s address on their business card.

Why not trade links (DO NOT Buy links!!) with other non profits that are either in your community or somehow related to your cause?  Having their link on your sight in exchange for your link on their website is a great, free way for both of you to get new traffic on to your nonprofit websites.

Remember to be patient and have fun!


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