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Informed Consent

By Alexa Connelly
October 09, 2012

We must fill out plenty of paperwork before a physician can see us and if a procedure is required there is even more. How do you know if you have enough information about the procedure and what rights do you have to ask questions? There are five matters that legally HAVE to be included before you sign consent. Most importantly, all of the information must be provided in lay terms that are easily understandable, as opposed to medical jargon that can be intimidating and confusing. First, the diagnosis and any reservations related to the diagnosis. Second, all treatment procedures and the purpose should be included. Third, all potential risks and consequences of the treatment that the physician ought to have knowledge of should be addressed. Fourth, other treatment alternatives must be offered whether the physician agrees with them or not. Finally, information with regards to the prognosis without treatment must be provided.

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