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Assisted Living Facility Insurance

Overcome The Insurance Hurdle Without Sacrificing Care To Your Residents

Administrators and owners of personal care homes, assisted living facilities, and adult foster homes take great pride in caring for residents and helping them with the activities of daily living. Taking proper care of your residents keeps your days filled with a great deal of responsibilities and tasks. With that amount of responsibility it is important that administrators and owners have the proper insurance protection plans in place to protect their assisted living facility and residents they care for on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Assisted Living Facility Insurance in Pennsylvania is commonly overlooked by many administrators.

Having proper Personal Care Home Insurance in place for your home or facility can alleviate stress that is brought on my lawsuits from residents’ family members. Lawsuits arise daily accusing care providers of inadequate care, neglect, or even from slips and falls.

Nonprofit Insurance Program believes in the services you offer your community and residents in your care! That is why we want to make sure that you have the proper Adult Foster Care Insurance in place. Your policy should provide:

  1. General Liability Insurance – to protect you in case a visitor slips and falls on your property
  2. Professional Liability Insurance – to protect you in the event a resident slips and falls or refuses medication causing them to be hospitalized and resulting in a greater level of care needed
  3. Commercial Property Insurance – protecting you in the event mother nature damages your home/facility with a fire
  4. Workers Compensation – protecting you in the event an employee is injured while working for you
  5. Employment Practice Liability Insurance – coverage that allows your Assisted Living Facility Insurance to protect you from accusations of discrimination or a hostile work environment
  6. Cyber Liability Insurance – providing protection for residents’ sensitive information that may be stored on a laptop or incident management system
  7. Non-Owned & Hired Auto Liability Insurance – providing coverage in the event an employee uses their personal vehicle to transport residents to doctor appointments and is involved in an auto accident
  8. Personal Liability Insurance – providing coverage if you live in the home you operate
  9. Business Auto InsurancePersonal Care Home Insurance should include this coverage to protect you in the event an employee is involved in a car accident with a vehicle that is owned by your personal care home or adult family home

Nonprofit Insurance Program is proud to partner with a Pennsylvania  insurance company that was created specifically for personal care homes, assisted living facilities and adult foster homes. They only offer Adult Foster Care Insurance and take great lengths to understand the daily operations of what you do. By making sure that you are properly covered, you can have more time to focus on your residents and communication with their families. Complete the quote request form above or the online Personal Care Home Insurance application today for an instant indication.

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