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Cyber Liability Insurance


We’ve all seen the recent news where big name companies have been victims of security breaches putting hundreds of thousands of their customers at risk for stolen identities.

Is Cyber Liability Insurance just a new fad or does your nonprofit need to be concerned with this new trend in information safety? This valuable coverage provides insurance protection for your nonprofit where your general liability insurance doesn’t. If you collect personal information from donors, community members, volunteers, employees, or anybody else online or offline, your nonprofit should take a moment to learn about the risks you face and how you can protect your organization.

By collecting confidential information like bank information, names, social security numbers, and addresses, your nonprofit is at risk for this information to be compromised through hackers in the event the data is stored electronically or through theft if it is stored in paper files. Most states now have laws that require you to send out mass notices to all that could have been impacted as well as provide credit monitoring. Without Cyber Liability Insurance, this can be a costly process that hurts big name companies and destroys smaller organizations like your nonprofit.

How Can Our Nonprofit Be Protected?

Cyber Liability Insurance provides coverage for claims from third-parties caused by a data breach as well as expense coverage for following your state laws to notify and provide credit monitoring to those who may have been impacted by a breach of data or security. Even though the name says “cyber”, this policy does extend coverage to paper files and computers that contain confidential information.

When purchasing a Cyber Liability Insurance policy for your nonprofit, you want to make sure the following is covered:

  • Data Breach Liability – provides coverage in the event a claim results from breach of data without the claimants authorization
  • Credit Monitoring – covers the costs incurred with providing credit monitoring to all those that may have been impacted by the breach
  • Regulatory Response – provides coverage for cost associated with responding to a breach in compliance with your state laws. This includes notifying those impacted as well as providing a response to any government agencies inquiring to the breach cause, status, and ongoing follow up of the outcome
  • Defense Costs – provides coverage to defend your nonprofit in the event any lawsuits are brought forward as a result of the data breach
  • Website Liability – provides coverage and protection for libel, slander, copyright infringement or other activity on your nonprofit website
  • Identity Theft – provides coverage for board members who are subject to identity theft and provides a team to help guide them through this stressful time


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