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The team at NIS (Nonprofit Insurance Program) appreciates what you do for the homeless and are here to serve organizations like yours.

As a homeless shelter, you face risk in a different way from those you serve and you need to protect your organization from those risks and exposures.

  • Over 500,000 people are homeless in the U.S.
  • 8% of homeless are veterans.
  • 50% of the homeless population are over 50.

Every day, in almost every aspect of your operation, you face risks that could damage or ruin your organization, not allowing the greatly needed services of your operation to continue.

  • A homeless shelter in DC was sued for discriminating gender.
  • A shelter in Maryland is being sued by the family of a homeless family member.
  • A homeless shelter in Virginia caught fire leaving 60 homeless back on the street.
  • A homeless shelter in Pennsylvania has litigation pending as a result of food poisoning.

Unrecognizable Homeless Sleeping in the Floor of a Madrid streetLet’s not forget the day to day risks you take: Will all of the shelter residents get along? Is the property safe for residents to reside in? What will Mother Nature have in store for us next?

The team at NIS has worked with shelters for over 28 years to provide insurance protection and tools to assist shelters in reducing their exposure to an incident, claim or loss.

Your local insurance agent could possibly provide insurance for your shelter. However, would they have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide you the insurance protection and – just as importantly – the tools to reduce losses in your shelter?

Isn’t it time you looked to NIS for insurance protection specifically tailored to your shelter needs by a company with a vast wealth of experience providing coverage to homeless shelters like yours?

Get the Correct Shelter Insurance Protection That You Need

Nonprofit Insurance Program is a leader in protecting Homeless Shelters.

We work with you to fully understand the needs of your shelter, identify gaps in protection, provide the insurance coverage to fill those gaps when available and build a set of policies that deliver it. Here are just a few examples of the risks we can protect you against:

  • Allegations of abuse or molestation.
  • Allegations of slander.
  • Employee claims of harassment or discrimination.
  • Damage to or theft of business-critical equipment like computers.
  • An incident involving a staff member during training.
  • A resident being injured by another resident.
  • Property damage from a fire.
  • Allegations against the board of directors for fiscal irresponsibility or discrimination.

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Not only do we deal with the top insurers and deliver the best prices for insurance tailored to domestic violence and women’s shelters like yours, but we also provide our clients with an unbeatable range of best practice tools such as abuse policies and procedures, step by step guidelines to safety audits and inspections, accident investigation plans, and incident reporting guidelines all FREE.

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