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Don’t Fall Through the Gaps in the Charitable Immunity Laws

Glaring gaps in the charitable immunity act have left your non profit organization dangerously exposed to litigation and other risks.

Because the act provides some, though limited, protection for nonprofit organizations, some nonprofit organizations think they don’t need the extra coverage that specialized insurance provides.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For example, do you know if the laws cover you against employee sexual harassment claims, a volunteer or staff member being injured in an auto accident or staff being sued for negligence or misconduct?

Get the Protection and Assistance You Need

Nonprofit Insurance Program has been assisting nonprofits like yours for over 28 years by providing customized insurance programs.  We’ll guide you through the various protections to minimize your exposure to risk, customizing programs for you that might include:

  • General liability coverage – protecting you against claims from someone injured on your property.
  • Abuse liability – particularly important when dealing with a vulnerable population like children or seniors (silence is not always golden).
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Professional Errors and Omissions coverage.
  • Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance
  • Volunteer Medical Expense Coverage (often times a hidden exclusion in policies)
  • Property insurance for your building, equipment and grounds against fire, vandalism and other perils.
  • Product liability if your organization sells goods.
  • Comprehensive auto insurance for drivers, victims and damaged property.
  • Loss of business income due to unforeseen issues.
  • Protection against sexual misconduct liability claims.
  • Special Event Insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance.

The team at NIS also provides you access to a wide range of support that includes cost-saving risk analysis, safety training to reduce risk and Crisis Management Tools, all for FREE.

Nonprofit Insurance Program

At Nonprofit Insurance Program, our business is founded on the principle of helping nonprofits fulfill their missions by providing them with comprehensive insurance tailored to meet their precise needs. We’ve been doing this for organizations like yours for over 28 years and our reputation is unrivaled.

Don’t become a victim by falling through the gaps in the charitable immunity laws. Call 800-673-2558 or enter your zip code below to get a quote.

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