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Don’t Let A Misunderstanding Close Your Research Foundation’s Doors

Imagine spending years building a nonprofit disease research foundation that focuses on a cause dear to your heart – maybe its breast cancer research, Lyme disease research, or sickle cell research – only to see the doors close. How would that feel?

If you are not protecting your nonprofit disease research foundation with insurance, you risk losing everything you have built for your community and volunteers. Choosing the right insurance agency – the one that understands disease research foundations and works with nonprofits on a daily basis – is easier than you think! Securing an insurance policy through Nonprofit Insurance Program and the nonprofit focused companies they represent is the answer! The insurance world can oftentimes be a tricky one to navigate and having a team on your side to answer those questions is important.

Request a quote today by completing the quote form or simply calling 800-673-2558 extension 124.

What Are The Benefits To Working With Nonprofit Insurance Program?

We are so glad you asked! When it comes to protecting your disease research foundation with the proper insurance protection plan, you need a team that can provide you with:

  • Knowledge – our team has 50 years combined experience working with nonprofit foundations like yours.
  • Heart – Our experts love helping those that help our communities!
  • Free Policies & Procedures – Take a look at the nonprofit research center for plenty of policies, procedures and tips for nonprofit foundations.
  • Top-Notch Claims Handling – Helping you through the hard times is what our team signed up to do! We promise to be there every step of the way should a claim arise. We want to make sure you know that you are not alone.

Who Is Nonprofit Insurance Program?

We are based in Hanover, Pennsylvania and have been helping nonprofits across the country since 1998. The team is passionate about helping organizations secure insurance protection that helps protect them from a future claim. To request a disease research foundation insurance quote today, complete the quote request form or call 800-673-2558 extension 124.

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