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Social Service Organizations Insurance

Comprehensive Protection for Your Social Service Organization

Every day, in almost every aspect of your operation, you face risks that could damage or ruin your organization, not allowing the greatly needed services of your operation to continue.

The very nature of a social service organization, such as a special needs day school, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, etc. means that threats and allegations – founded or unfounded – can arise at any time.

That’s in addition to the day-to-day risks common to any business, such as loss of or damage to property and equipment and personal safety hazards.

There are many insurance agents out there to choose from, but like choosing a doctor to perform a heart transplant, you want a specialist to assure proper insurance protection for your organization.  You would probably rather not think about it, but that would be burying your head in the sand and ignoring the consequences until it’s too late.

None of us want that, especially when there’s a simple, cost-effective solution that can give you peace of mind and the resources to limit the impact of an incident.

We’re talking about insurance protection specifically tailored to your needs by a company with a vast wealth of experience providing coverage to social service organizations like yours.


Nonprofit Insurance Program is a leader in protecting social service organizations of all kinds throughout the greater Hanover region of Pennsylvania and the entire United States.

We work with you to fully understand your needs, identify gaps in protection, provide the insurance coverage to fill those gaps and build a set of policies that deliver it. Here are just a few examples of the risks we can protect you against:

•   Allegations of abuse or molestation.
•   Professional errors and omissions.
•   Employee claims of harassment or other malpractice.
•   Damage to or theft of business-critical equipment like PCs.
•   An incident involving a staff member during training.
•   An employee being injured in an auto accident.


Not only do we deal with the top insurers and deliver the best prices for social services organizations like yours, but we also provide our clients with an unbeatable range of support tools such as model disaster plans, sample by-laws, loss prevention workshops, risk analysis and safety programs all FREE.

What’s more, you can find out about these and get a premium quote without any risk or obligation whatsoever. Even if you already have some insurance, we’ll review it and make recommendations.

So, why wouldn’t you request a quote today? You have everything to gain. Call 800-673-2558 or enter your zip code below to get a quote.

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