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Nonprofit Special Event Insurance

Nonprofit Special Events: Are You Protected?

Special events and fundraisers (yard sales, auctions, special dinners) play a key part in nonprofit organizations’ yearly fundraising plans and goals. Too often, these additional events and fundraisers are not included in the liability insurance coverage purchased by most nonprofit organizations. Typically, these policies only provide coverage and protection for normal daily operations of the nonprofit organization. If your nonprofit organization holds special events or fundraisers, it is important that you contact your insurance agent today to make sure these events are covered by your insurance policy. If the fundraisers are not covered, then your nonprofit organization is at risk.

Special Event Insurance: Protect Your Funds

Special Event insurance provides protection in the event a volunteer or participant injures themselves or property damage is caused to a third-party’s property. Is your nonprofit organization protected?

  • A local library was holding a yard sale to raise money when a community member tripped on a set of golf clubs, breaking her ankle and resulting in $3,000 of medical expenses.
  • A teen center rented grounds to hold a car show. On the morning of the show, there was a terrible thunderstorm and some of the participants drove through the grass causing $20,000 in re-landscaping expenses.
  • A silent auction and dinner was held by a women’s shelter in the local community. A 20-year-old attendee of the dinner was served alcohol, and when she left the dinner she caused an accident injuring the driver of another car. The driver pressed charges against the shelter, alleging the accident was their fault.

Nonprofit Insurance Program Will Protect You

Nonprofit Insurance Program has been providing Special Event Insurance for nonprofit organizations for over 28 years. Make sure your nonprofit is fully protected for your daily operations as well as your special events and fundraisers.

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