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Teen Pregnancy Centers Insurance

We’ll Protect You While You Protect Them

When teens get pregnant, you’re there to protect them. But who’s there to protect you when things go wrong? We are.

When unforeseen dramas blow out of nowhere, you want to feel confident you’ll be taken care of and that someone can help shoulder the burden. But if you don’t have adequate insurance coverage, lives – and your organization – could be permanently devastated.

For a relatively modest outlay we can protect you against the multitude of risks your teen pregnancy center faces. In fact, we’ll do much more.

Get The Protection and Assistance You Need

Our mission is to protect you against risk, so you can fulfill your mission of helping pregnant teens and their children. The team at Nonprofit Insurance Program provides you with:

  • The advice and support of a team of experts with specialist skills and experience with organizations like yours throughout the greater Hanover, Pennsylvania region and beyond.
  • An insightful review of your insurance-related business needs.
  • A no-cost, no-commitment quote for a custom policy that matches those needs.
  • A range of policies that includes liability protection against lawsuits and other risks, protection for Directors and Officers, plus general business coverage.
  • Ongoing support to ensure your insurance always matches your changing business needs.
  • FREE advice on risk management and Crisis Management, with helpful examples from other nonprofits.

Easy and Affordable

Remarkably, because of our experience in teen pregnancy centers, comprehensive coverage probably won’t cost as much as you think, especially when set alongside the risks you’ll be protected against.

Sometimes, as responsible adults, we find ourselves counseling teens about sex and pregnancy. When talking about sexual relations, we may even find ourselves advising: “It’s not worth the risk.” The same goes for having inadequate insurance coverage for your business: It’s not worth the risk.

Find out more by completing the Free Quote Request form on this page today. It won’t cost you a penny to discover the possibilities, so do it now and start assuring proper insurance protection at the best possible price!

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