Unemployment Compensation Insurance

Nonprofit Insurance Program

Unemployment Compensation Insurance

If You Are A Nonprofit 501(c) 3, You Can SLASH Your Unemployment Compensation Tax LEGALLY!

Would you like to cut your state unemployment compensation tax obligations by up to 60%? Of course you would!

If you are 501(c)3 registered corporation and have 10 or more employees –you could qualify for this reduction.

And if you do, Nonprofit Insurance Program can help you achieve that saving as well as provide other insurance services specially tailored for nonprofit organizations.

Stop Throwing Away Money

Instead of overpaying unemployment tax, this program enables you to opt out of the state system because nonprofits generally have fewer claims than the private sector. Instead, you reimburse only actual claims that have been filed and paid.

This could enable you to:

  • Make substantial savings.
  • Smooth out your cash flow.
  • Reallocate your savings to fulfilling your mission.
  • Establish an interest-earning reserve account.

Don’t worry about the complexities. We’ll guide you through the process and do all the paperwork. All you have to do is ask.

Nonprofit Insurance Program Will Help You

Nonprofit Insurance Program specializes in providing insurance programs and risk management services to organizations just like yours. We understand the operations of nonprofits, know how best to provide your protection and save you money, and have access to all the appropriate insurance markets to do so.

Complete the no-cost, no-commitment Free Quote Request form on this page right now and take the first step towards valuable savings and improved financial health for your organization!

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