Volunteer Accident & Health Insurance

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Volunteer Accident & Health Insurance

Protect your Volunteers with Accident & Health Insurance

Volunteers and donations are lifelines for nonprofit organizations across the United States. Take one away and it’s virtually impossible for an organization to stay afloat. Since volunteers are a critical component of the daily operations of a nonprofit organization, it is important to make sure you carry insurance that protects them in the event they injure themselves. Did you know that oftentimes volunteer medical expenses are a hidden exclusion on general liability policies? Don’t worry! You can purchase volunteer medical expense insurance to protect your volunteers.

Volunteer medical expense insurance can be purchased by nonprofit organizations for less than $1 per day. Volunteer medical expense insurance, also known as accident & health insurance, provides payment in the event a volunteer is injured while working for your nonprofit organization. Is your organization protected if a volunteer sprains an ankle at a special event and is forced to take off work?

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