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Youth at Risk Organizations Insurance

Don’t Turn Youth At Risk into Agency at Risk

Has your organization ever had an accusation of abusing or molesting a young client? Whether or not the accusation is true, do you have the time and resources to deal with this type of legal battle and potential reputation loss?

Does your current insurance carrier provide the tools to create a Crisis Management Plan with just a few keystrokes?

Do you know which areas are covered by charitable immunity and which are not, and whether your agency is fully protected?

What if one of your at risk youths becomes violent and attacks another youth?  Do you have enough liability insurance to cover the youth’s recovery and the professional exposure while still protecting your agency?

  • 8% of youth 12-17 have severe depressive disorders.
  • 46% of children under age 18 live with a risky substance abuser.
  • Almost 400,000 children are in foster care in the U.S.

If that sounds like a bewildering array of questions and statistics, HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: We can answer all of them for you.

Protection Just for At Risk Youth Organizations

Nonprofit Insurance Program has been serving and insuring at risk youth organizations for over 20 years.  The team at NIS partners with your organization to help assess your needs and provide you the with experienced insurance protection your organization needs.

We help minimize your risk and exposure by customizing a program that includes:

  • A review of your needs, including appraisal of any existing coverage you may have.
  • A range of liability coverage including accidents, incidents, sexual misconduct, social work and counseling professional liability, corporal punishment liability, and other coverage to help fill those gaps.
  • Insuring your property and loss of business income against a broad array of perils.
  • Protecting your vehicles and the employees who drive them.
  • Other support services, like tools to reduce and sometimes eliminate risk including a Free Abuse Training Video, sample policies, procedures and checklist, a Free Crisis Management Tool to help you create your plan with just a few keystrokes and other risk management and cost-saving programs as well.


When it comes to protecting your At Risk Youth Organization, don’t waste time and money working with general insurance agents.  Partner with the team at Nonprofit Insurance Program today and we will provide a no-cost, no-obligation quote after carefully examining your business needs.

Don’t go any longer without making sure your organization is properly protected.

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