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Internent-based Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
June 25, 2012

Sometimes hosting a fundraising event or selling items for fundraising can be challenging and can cost more to have than you get back. It may seem like those are the only two choices, but as the world evolves so does the type of fundraising available to Nonprofit Organizations like yours. Online fundraising is a successful way to raise money for your cause. This is successful because almost everyone gets on the internet and if they find your page and like what you are about, then they will love how easy it is for them to donate. Here are some websites that you can put your organization on the raise money:

  1. Fundly.com
  2. Razoo.com
  3. Crowdrise.com
  4. FirstGiving.com
  5. Givezooks.com

These are just a few of the many websites for online fundraising. Even if you do not put your organization on one, if you have a website you can just add a tab that says “donate” and when your audience clicks on that they can choose how much they want to donate and all that. All you have to pay for is your domain name, so, it is much cheaper then hosting a fundraising event.

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